Audits are more than just evaluations and maintenance of financial statements. An audit represents an opportunity to learn about your business and how to conquer the challenges you face.

At Daughenbaugh & Company we are continually transforming our audit capabilities to deliver human insights powered by technology.

Daughenbaugh & Company’s audit is a dynamic discipline based on our auditors’ deep understanding of our clients’ industries, enterprise structures, aspirations and challenges. Our evolving ecosystem of technology relationships and advanced digital tools enable us to tailor audit services to your circumstances and ultimately provide you and your stakeholders—including the board, shareholders, customers and bankers—with actionable insights relevant to your business.

This innovative approach is supported by three pillars—automation and artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital audit experience—to increase efficiency, minimize disruption and surface new information. Our technically astute and digitally savvy auditors deliver efficient audit solutions and insights that provide broader business value to our clients.

When you work with Daughenbaugh & Company, you receive clear benefits, including:

  • An effective and efficient, data-driven audit reflective of your industry and unique business circumstances
  • Interactive access to our innovative technology ecosystem and advanced digital tools to enable technology solutions that drive audit effectiveness
  • An audit empowered by digital velocity, enabling us to move collaboratively with both speed and direction
  • Clear, critical insights—based on our understanding of your business and industry and our ability to analyze complex data—bringing valuable insights that allow you to make informed business decisions

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